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Cover Art

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The cover for Riding High is the creation of Helene Dolney, a New York artist who has studied in the U.S. and abroad. With a playful nod to 70s album covers, she designed RH’s book jacket by mixing photos and watercolors into a collage which she then gussied up on computer. Her other talents include portraits, still-lifes, landscapes, pen drawings and exotic jewelry designs. She has received special recognition for her hand-painted art cards which were featured in Terry Trucco’s “Where to Find It” column in The New York Times.

Praise from a friend — "Helene is also one hot chick who loves to laugh, tells a great story, cooks the best Spanish tortilla this side of the Atlantic, can cheer up a sadsack, knows a good joke when she hears it, looks great in a tank top, has a style to beat the band, sings so pretty, has more patience than a saint, and none when appropriate, is always up for adventure, only gets cranky in a good way, is the truest of the true, gets to the heart of the matter before anyone else comes close and always knows when to wash her hands of it!"


To our great loss, on January 31, 2004, heaven became a happier place. Helene Dolney, my lovely wife, artist, and spirit, lost a hard fought battle with leukemia.

We still search for that something special,

a gift, a song, a glorious chord to show your feats in life.

A plaque for courage, a badge for honor.

But words fall short in the face of time,

Your smile always shone through your gauntlet of troubles,

You flew in the face of nature even as it chipped away at you.

Your will has become a testament to undauntable spirit,

Your strength is that of legends.

Your wisdom, dignity and grace will forever show us the way.




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