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The Inside Dope

“Recreational drugs are like vacations—there’s no guarantee of a good time.”

With that sobering thought, allow me to express a few things about Riding High. A lot of folks will grok this novel as a ballsy celebration of a drug-friendly alternative culture; others will see it as a bill come due for childish indulgence.

Fact is, it’s both and more. I wrote it as a coming-of-middle-age, black-humored mystery about — childhood wounds and recovery; boozing fathers and rebellious sons; marijuana and drug war politics; Vietnam and patriotism; the psychological and spiritual; self-involvement and awareness; lost confidence and commitment; and finally; love and belief in the good.

The story is entirely fiction but steeped in the timeless truth of real life. And like real life, it’s as serious as root canal and funny as laughing gas.

My hope — that Riding High rates as a counter-culture novel that not only counts but adds up to something.

My goal — that it proves the value of family, friends, faith, and forgiveness.

p.s. I was planning to comment that the Drug War has become our new Vietnam, but Iraq has buried that comparison in the (now uranium enriched) sand. God help us.

Please, by all means, bitch among yourselves about these Wars, but don’t forget to join a group, write your local paper, call the talk shows, blog a blog, and if you think it’ll help, even write your congress-person.

Most important — Beware of creeping fascism and rampant Foxism!

Peace and love is not a cliché.

Other opinions:

41% of American adults – more than ever before – now agree that “government should treat marijuana more or less the same way it treats alcohol”.
          Zogby International Polling. 2003

“The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding.”
          Louis Brandeis’

Due to the provocative content of this website, a disclaimer seems in order:

Riding High is 100% fiction. Characters, locales, events and situations that appear similar to reality are purely coincidental and accidental, or attributable to the author's lazy imagination. In addition, this work should not be construed in any way as advocating the consumption, distribution, or growing of illegal drugs or herbs of any type. The author does, however, highly recommend a common sense approach to the decriminalization of the above activities for world citizens over the age of eighteen.

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